Deceased/Retired Members

Wall of Honor
Charter Members

William G. Badgley

Jarvis J. Badgley

Wilbur F. Brower

George L. Bishop

Lyman B. Coddington

Thomas B Crane

William D. Clark

Fred Correll

James C. Horner

Maxwell Kippl

John J. Maher

Fred K. Maxwell

David L. Osborn

Amos A. Potter

August G Rubsamen

J. Thomas Scott

Charles S. Totten

Wesley C. Totten

Thomas Vandorn

John F. Wahl

George Wilcox

Herbert L. Wilcox

William Woodruff

Past Members

Luther V. Badgley

John H. Peck

C. Walter Schultz

George Sawyer

Simon M. Moll

William B. Ross

William E. Atteridg

Frederick R. Rubsamen

Oscar C. Dickinson

Albert E. Jackson

H. E. Dickerson

Herbert J. High

Aanthony Ruzicka

John W. Hickson

John E. Parker

Jacob G. Mille

Percy T. Brower

Horace B. Guerin

Leon G. Parcells

Otto F. Adams

Charles McPeek

Harry B. Welbourne

Frank A. Wahl

Arunius C. Hart

John Smith

Christian E. Blatt

Nicholas H. A. Krayer

Robert T. Peloubet

James Jeffers

William F. Brown

Halsey J. Genung

Samuel T. Howarth

George Hughes

George S. Atteridg

James Morgan

Thomas W. Surman

Robert Williamson

William C. Totten

Benjamin F. Griffiths

Gilbert Badgley

Rufus B. Sampson

Louis W. Baldwin Sr.

George A. Williams

Rush F. Newcomb

William Fitzpatrick

Dudley D. Storms

Ernst Reichenback

George Reichenback

L. E. Jahnke

Fred Weid Sr.

A. H. Anderson

Walter Howell

J. Wilbur Whal

Fred E. Behre

Harry F. Pictroski

S. Wallace Parcells

Arthur Doty Jr.

George Burnett

C. Ernest Fischer Sr.

Alexander T.Pictroski

Edward J. Blatt

Carl Totten

Fred Meyers

David O'Donnell

Ferdinand L. Simon

J. M. O'Grady

George Thompson

Louis E. Reichenbach

Walter C. Behre

Harry Stout

Theodore G. Stahl

Russel Brennan

Robert A. Webster Sr.

Linden L. Adams

Amos J. Bradly

Emil L. Davids

Fred Weid SR.

Harry G. Schmitt

Charles A. Terry

Arthur J. Peck

Richard Badgely

Elmer G. Ayers Sr.

Edward M. Dotten

Henry P. Pictroski

William T. Kelly

Julius Weid

Kenneth R. Boss

Floyd Eick

William C. Sawyer

Jason Nason Jr.

Walton W. Osborne

Robert Badgley

Lawrence H. Osborn

W. Cleveland Totten Jr.

Henry K. Schiff

Charles T. Richards

Dayton B. Parcells

John C. Pictroski

William P. Vignali

Francis P. Kerrigan

The New Providence Fire Department is a 100% volunteer company that relies on the support of the community. Thank you for your continuing support !

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